Ферма в Правец

€ 195,000


Ladies and Gentlemen, the agency Imoti Company Ltd. is presenting to your attention a unique estate, suitable for investition with great profitability in the sphere of rural tourism and more. The site can be turned into a stock breeding farm (equestrian centre), a winery, a hotel, a holiday village, an entertainment center, etc. The site owns an approved project for a horse riding club, and after the registration and subsequent beginning of the work, the investor will gain the equivalent amount of 50 000 leva for the purchase of any necessary equipment - complete horse tack, with the addition of any associated accoutrements needed, everything to the last detail.
The site owns a variety of authorizations and permits for the projects previously listed, as well as any licences that might be needed for the realization of your future business ideas.
The site has been previously used for set of the TV programme “Fermata” during its 1st season. When purchasing the site, you will also receive the logo of the show.
The site has a perimeter of 7 acres and is situated 58 kilometers from Sofia, by the Iskar
estuary, on the road of Hemus highway. The site contains 8 constructions: Storage area - 333 m2; Building - 813 m2; Building - 215 m2; Building - 175 m2; Building - 95 m2;
Building - 40 m2; Building - 79 m2; Building - 96 m2;
The estate has a private well, a geran and its own water and electricity sources.
Asphalted road to the estate is available!

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