Отдельный дом в городе Пенинги
1647.00 м2

€ 295 000

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The Peningi Manor attained it's status as an independent manor in 1686 when it was separated from the neighbouring Raasiku manor property. Prior to that the property was grounds for the Raasiku village. The owners of the manor during the swedish reign were the Torstensson family. From early 18th century to 1907 the manor belonged to the Baranoff noble family. On the second half of the 18th century the Baranoff family built the current two-storey baroque manor building, hence known as Peningi Manor. In 1905 the manor building was burned down and the owner, Arthur von Baranoff killed by the peasant uprising. The property changed hands in 1907, when it moved to the von Schilling family. The von Schillings rebuilt the complex with minor changes. The last owner of the property before the 1919 annexation was Werner von Schilling. During the SOviet regime, Peningi Manor housed a school and a collective farm management center. The manor has stayed empty and unused since the 1990's and has since been privatized. During the 20th century the vicinity of the Manor has been built up and the manor now stands at the heart of the Peningi village.

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