Различного назначения в Коэру

904,00 sq.m., 20 bedrooms

€ 235,000


Would you like to own a whole apartment house in Estonia?! If yes, this is the best offer for you!

This is an apartment building with three staircases with 11 separate apartments. The building has been renovated only five years ago and is in very good condition. The residential building is currently in use as Vao Guesthouse.

There is a full basement in the residential building, which also has its own boiler house, which is best suited for wood pellets because it produces the least amount of ash.The boiler is large and powerful, so even at the coldest winter evenings you can feel uneasy, warm and cozy.The total annual heating cost is about € 3,000.

The building has its own water purification system, which provides exceptionally clean tap water.Your water kettle and coffee spoons do not need to worry about descaling because the water is completely desiccant.Each apartment has separate water and electricity meters.Each stairwell has separate fire barriers.

All of the apartments in the building are one bedroom, living room, kitchen,bathroom, together with everything you need in life.The kitchen has all the kitchen furniture, including an electric stove and a fridge and even kitchenware.Toilet / bathrooms have shower facilities.The apartments have separate bedrooms.The rooms have all the furniture inside, including TVs.In the two apartments there is an additional bonus for the fireplace to make your winter evenings more enjoyable.

In addition to the living quarters, there is also a seminar room equipped with modern technology, with a kitchen for a catering.

A person with special needs who has one of the apartments built more spaciously and with a larger doorway is also considered, in order to have access to wheelchairs if necessary.This apartment also has a shower room specially made for easy access with wheelchair.

Next to the building is a car park in the residential building.The village also operates a local village traditional sauna just 100 meters from the residence.

Koeru parish is located in the eastern part of Järvamaa, on the southern slope of the Pandivere Upland and in the northern endland cave.The vilage is farmed and densely populated.The largest lake in the area of Järva is Väinjärv.The Võrtsjärve-Peipsi watershed flowing in the southern part of the municipality includes the Põltsamaa River and the tributaries of the Preed, Oostriku and Võling rivers.
There is also a Hobukool Park for horse lovers in the nearby area, and the local Konesko Koer factory will definitely work, as the latest reports indicate that they did not have enough work hands so they will need more people to employ.

There is also a local High School in the village.Kindergarden for children The sunset is located in the village of Vao, 100m from the guest house, and there are seven groups, all of which carry flower names.

Property Details

Этаж: 2
Количество помещений: 20
В настоящее время функционирует: 1
Тип паркинга: Открытый
Тип владения: Проприетарный
Период восстановления: none
Год подстройки: 2012

Location Коэру

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