Различного назначения в городе Кюлитсе
245.00 м2, 1 спальня

€ 169 000

Переведено автоматически. Показать описание на оригинальном языке.

Spacious roadside café/pub/grocery store for sale in Külitse village, near Tartu. The building is located 5km from Tartu, on the Tartu-Valga highway, and is easily visible and accessible from the road.

The commercial area is divided into several subsections: a store area, serving area/pub-hall, a terrace, kitchen area and living quarters.

The store area consists of three smaller rooms and currently accommodates an operating grocery store. The spacious pub-hall houses a large bar-table, a stylish hearth, tables and benches, as well as a bathroom and a lavatory, and is connected to the balcony, store area and kitchen areas. The furnished, stove-heated living quarters contain an additional lavatory and bathroom and allow the owners or staff to permanently live on the premises.

These commercial premises are ideal for shop-, bar- and café-keeping, as well as hosting events, thereby attracting customers equally as a roadside stopover and as a local center of social events.

Feel free to contact me for any additional information.

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