Доходный дом в Гиссенбург

€ 1,900,000


This newly build farmhouse (2005) is an authentic piece of craftsmanship. With the old style farm in mind there was build a house for the owner in the back part, and 14 apartments on the front side. These apartments were made for (temporarily) rent or bed and breakfast.

This farmhouse is located in the so called 'Green Hearth' of Holland. In the middle of fields but still close to the main cities and commodities.

General figures:

Total property: 6270m2
Living erea: 1065 m2
Garage: 390 m2
Rooms: 22 (19 bedrooms)

Private residence
When we enter the house we'll find ourselves in the central hall. Here we get already the character of this unique building. The wooden supporting beams we will find throughout the all building, as well as the used stones.
The hall leads us to the office room, living room, kitchen and atelier. It also gives access to the first floor with 5 bedrooms, three bathrooms and a big storage. On the second floor there are 2 other bedrooms situated.

In the basement (390m2) there is a possibility to park several cars. There we also find the heating source of the house. This is a so called 'wood gas generator'. This heating is responsible for 40% of the warmth in the building and works along with the central heating system.

Two different entrances give access to the 14 apartments which are located at the front side of the building. Seven apartments are provided with a bathroom and kitchen. There are 2 common bathrooms and kitchens for the other seven apartments.

General information:
• 'De Kuiperhoeve' is build on an old turf hill which most likely dates back to the 8th century.
• The building stands on more then 110 concrete pillars from 22 meters.
• 3000 m3 concrete was used for this building
• This house was build according to the Golden Ratio. This ratio is based on natural patterns and measurements, and is considered the ideal base of harmony

The apartments in the front of the house are rented out. The averidge renting period in the last ten years was 3.5 years. The yearly turnover is around 90.000 - 100.000.

More information upon request.

Property details

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Тип входа
С улицы, Со двора
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