Отдельный дом в Сакуеу

250,00 sq.m., 3 bedrooms

€ 60,000


On the ground floor --- living-kitchen, bathroom
Upstairs --- 3 bedrooms, bathroom
+2 garages in the basement and the side
+ water and current
+ fireplace, boiler

The house is situated in the middle of a beautiful mountain landscape, between Săcuieu and Vlădeasa peak, with a fenced field that is surrounded by thuja. The road to the house is asphalted *; There are two garages *. The heating is done with wood at the fireplace * and is distributed in all rooms. Tap water comes from a spring, it's drinkable, and the pressure is very good (electric boiler * for water heating), and the cooker uses gas tanks *.

The house is the ideal retreat for those looking for comfort, and peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a story landscape.

Property Details

Ближе к: Горы
Тип местоположения: Природный
Ванные: 2
Тип пула: Нет
Площадь участка: 250
Количество комнат: 4
Количество этажей: 2
Тип паркинга: Гараж
Год подстройки: 2008
Примыкающая территория: Прочее

Location Сакуеу

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