Различного назначения в районе Центр в городе Любляна
1315.00 м2

€ 2 406 000

Premises, net floor area: 1,315.50 sqm, of which 1113.00 sqm are premises, 165.00 sqm storage room and garage area 37.50 sqm of garages. In basement I (155 sqm) are located garage area, three parking spaces; you can also use parking space in the common part of the parking lot. In the second basement (165 sqm) are located business premises larger sizes for conference and similar purposes, toilet and storage facilities. Basement, 3.00 m high, with natural light in the basement II. Staircase from the I. and II. basement lead to basement floor (399sqm) and the first floor (599 sqm), which are conference, office space, kitchen and toilets. The building is concrete iron constitution, built in 1978, windows, exterior facade and roof were renovated in 1997. The interior of the building was completely renovated in 2002. Property is located on beside the river Ljubljanica; access by Poljanski embankment, near the Ljubljana Central Market and the narrow city center, north of Ljubljana Castle and the river from the north and Ljubljanica Grubarjev canal on the south side, near the bus stop city traffic, five hundred meters from the The main train station and bus station Ljubljana. Premises are suitable for representation, office, bank, restaurant, shop,... (P1695)

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Тип продавца Агентство
Компания Ljubljana Nepremicnine

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