Коммерческая в городе Шишка
33.00 м2

€ 59 400

In Šiška, a commercial space measuring 33m2, located on the 1st floor of an office building. The building has two floors and two entrances, one directly to the 1st floor, which is suitable for the disabled. The room can be used as an office or an exhibition space. It has a large display window in the hall, and a large window facing the west side. Within the office is also holding toilet. The room is air-conditioning, water meters, electricity and heating, which are separated. The room is withdrawn from the main road, parking is on a common yard. Condominium is regulated, registered in the UK without any encumbrances. You are welcome!


Информация о продавце

Тип продавца Агентство
Компания Ljubljana Nepremicnine

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