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In the beautiful French country side of the Haute Garonne, just south of Toulouse lies the Château of the village of Mauran, an early 1800's high class property which has been thoroughly renovated only recently.The estate is surrounded by vast and undulating landscapes as it is set at the foot of the Pyrénées mountains, locally known as the 'small Pyrénées'.The privileged and prevailing climate in this part of Europe, together with the friendly population, create very favorable living conditions.Lovely little picturesque villages, such as Martres Tolosane, Cazére and Saint Julien sur Garonne with their weekly markets and famous restaurants, as well as several golf courses, lie within easy reach of the domain.The access to the A 64 motorway is only a few minutes away and no more than a forty minute drive separates the château from the International Airport of Toulouse, providing daily flights to most European capitals and major cities.The beautiful 55.000 square-meter-park, virtually “touches” the famous Garonne river. Peace and quiet, easy connections to the world’s major cities and action, but above all: privacy…. characterize this exceptional property.Built in the early eighteen hundreds by an insurance and banker’s family from Paris, the Chateau has had very few different owners as the founders of the estate, have kept it within their family, for over a century and a half.The Château, as well as its gardens and salt-water pool, were only recently totally renovated and are constantly kept in an immaculate state of maintenance.The current owners have spent years and spared no effort to restore the chateau and its park in its original splendor. They did so, clearly, without overlooking any detail.Entering the house, a feeling of “coming home” occurs.While the interior of most buildings this size, could easily have an impersonal feel about them, the lay out and decorations make it pleasant and homely throughout.The 4 reception areas are vast and majestic, but as the lush decoration underlines high class and taste, they do emphasize an extremely pleasant atmosphere.During the renovation of the château, all was done to ensure, that the stylish interior would be brought back to its original splendor, preserving all authenticity including ceiling ornamentations, panel doors, the skirting and crown moldings.The monumental stairway and its authentic ornamentations, are beautifully enlightened through the grand, stained glass window . It gives easy access to the upper floors, which comprise, among others, six large bedrooms and their adjacent bath and shower rooms.Arriving at the first floor, a long corridor leads to the main bedrooms, bathrooms and the study.The angel room with its bathroom is situated on the West side of the chateau and presents, as the name suggests, several angel-like decorations.The master's quarters on the South side form a small apartment in itself, connecting a beautiful large bedroom, a fully equipped bathroom, and a “his and hers” dressing area.The study, which is also connected to the master's quarters, offers inspiring views over the premises.The various guestrooms, some of which are equipped with a fire place, have been completely renovated and are tastefully decorated.The top floor of the property, which can be accessed through a separate entrance and stairway, offers three large guestrooms with bathrooms.A separate apartment of approximately 145 square meters was created to lodge the caretaker of the property.The state of maintenance, the tasteful upholsteries combined with the beautiful views over the premises make this property truly exceptional.Finally the convivial kitchen, with its adjacent terraces, is a large, cozy, family gathering space and is equipped the modern appliances one may expect.They include a steam- and micro wave oven, large refrigerators and 6 Boretti gas hobs, including its traditional oven underneath, completed by the grand “castle size” fireplace with insert.The service stairway behind the kitchen gives direct access to the master bedroom.The chemical free swimming pool has been improved by creating large terraces around it, while mature vegetation guarantees -here as well- absolute privacy.At the Chateau de Mauran, the famous qualities of Southern France, including its mild and pleasant climate, the spectacular surroundings, the gastronomy and the pleasant easy atmosphere, all come together in one unique, privileged experience.

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