Дом в Хиос

€ 280,000


For sale maisonette of 204 sq.m. at Latomi, Chios

The plot area is 500 sq.m.
Υear of construction: 2011
The house is of total 204 sq.m. out of which the 164 sq.m. is habitable space and 40sq.m. is the area of the garage and the property consists of three floors: Basement (including the garage), Ground Floor and First Floor. A further 7 sq.m is the boiler room outside of the house.
Basement: 70 sq.m. (garage 40 sq.m. + 2 rooms of 15 sq.m. each). The rooms can function as guest rooms or office.
Ground floor: 70 sq.m. (2 bedrooms of 15 sq.m. each, 1 bedroom of 13 sq.m., 1 master bathroom). One of the bedrooms include air-conditioning and each bedroom has its own balcony.
First floor: 64 sq.m. (Living-Dining room-Kitchen, 1 WC). There are three balconies on this floor.
Additional Info: There is an internal staircase connecting the basement all the way through to the first floor. The house has an exceptional view of the sea and the mountain (the whole east coast of the island of Chios). There is a fireplace and most part of the first floor is lined with stone, visible tile roof made of chestnut wood of high esthetics and quality. The kitchen is made of massif oak. The frames are made of high quality PVC (SHUCCO), a solar water heater and a water tank of 2 cubic metres. There is also autonomous oil heating. The total area of the property’s balconies is 34 sq.m.
The house is located in a nice and peacefull area of the city of Chios. The distance from the city center is 2 km, 1 km from the nearest beaches and 4 km. from the airport. Price 280.000 euros

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