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Plot of 2.195 sqm in the Ipokratio Politia of Afidnes (post code 19014), Attica. The plot is located on Nestou 9 street, 315 building block-number 2. With a building coefficient of 0 15 and a height of 8 and a half meters. Overlooking the mountain and Lake 'Marathon' (from afar). The plot is very close to Athens-Attica, from the northern suburbs (eg Kifissia) is about half an hour´s drive. Ipokratio Politia is one of the most beautiful places of Attica. In Ipokratio Politia there is a small artificial Lake called 'Beletsi', where you can see ducks, swans and deers, has a small playground for children and a basketball court for families and children, has beautiful paths leading to the mountain... it´s just a dreamy place! If you like walks and hiking then I would like to tell you that the wider area of the Ipokratio Politia is a rotation of colors according to the time, discovering something new every time. The trails are many, beautiful, ideal for hiking and mountain biking, small or wider, suitable for beginners and advanced.
Next to Ipokratio Politia, in Varibobi and in Tootoi, the Varibobis Equestrian Club and the Northern Suburban Equestrian Club are home to the unique Pony Club for the Learning of the children!
For motorsport fans, the area has many alternative activities to offer. One of these is the well-known Karting. In Afidnes, next to the National Road, and just 5 minutes from Ipokratio Politia, there is a 'Karting' and 'Car Drifting' circuit in accordance with international safety standards and modern timing equipment. (Also in Ipokratio Politia there are many hidden slopes and paths for motocross in the mountain!!) Ipokratio Politia is a place where you can have your privacy and tranquility. In 20 minutes driving you are in the crowd!! In 10 minutes driving you are in Varibobi! In 20 minutes driving you are in Ekali, and in 30 minutes driving you are in Kifissia (northern suburbs of Attica)!
On weekends the Ipokratio Politia fills with people from Attica, many go to Lake Beletsi, others go for picnics, others go for hiking ...is a countryside next to Attica! In Ipokratio Politia there are only villas! If you love Greece, you will fall in love with Ipokratio Politia!! PRICE 200000

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