Отдельный дом в Превеза

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The property is outside the City plan. located on a hilltop of 75 meters, has detached panoramic view and it's energy independent.The area is 120 sq.m, has three (3) bedrooms, two of them with their own bathroom, main bathroom, storage room 2x2 meters, open plan lounge, dining room, kitchen is 49 sq.m. The house has a plot of 3,684 sq.m.
It has a standalone 1800 W photovoltaic system and a 400 W wind turbine, a self-contained water supply system (storage of rainwater), 23,000-liter tanks and a 1 "/ hour flow drill. It features: Solar water heater, Hot water heaters 80 liters use wood. Heating with wood stove, radiator with GAS (LPG) tank 1000 liters LPG, and hybrid heating system with the sun and external corner for burning branches.
Features garage two positions and external storage (container) 6.50 x 2.50 meters.
It has a 180 m2 yard area of 20 cm industrial concrete. On the estate there are 50 olive trees and other citrus trees and fruit trees, as well as 20 roots vineyards.
Its geographic location is also privileged for the installation of a Photovoltaic Park because it has the most suitable orientation and is not shaded by anywhere for the whole day of the day.
Disadvantage - the 1200-meter-long agricultural runway.
  It is 20 km away from the town of Preveza, from the beach of Kanali, Restaurants, Seafood Taverns, Café, 5 Km, from the Monument of Zalogos and Ancient Cassiope (visual contact)
from the springs of Acheron: 43 km, from the Acropolis Neocromante Mesopotamos 35 km, from the city of Arta 37 km (Ionian road), from Ioannina 88 km, and the port of Igoumenitsa 77 km (Egnatia Odos). Aktiou Airport 27,4 km.

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