Отдельный дом в Ахайя

€ 55,000


THE HOUSE is in a quiet settlement, in a 5 minute walking distance from the olive grove. It covers 40 square meters and it has got a building capacity of 240+40 square meters (1st floor +loft). The house lies within a 570 meters estate which is filled with orange, lemon, mandarin and palm trees. There is also space for cultivation.


The area is a focal point since the traveler can combine quiet inhabitance within nature, night life in the near cities, summer -sea or mountain- holidays, winter-ski holidays, sightseeing and excursions (day or longer).


There are a number of beaches the traveler can select to visit. The nearest beach is Niforeika and it is 4KM away from the house. There are also Lakkopetra, Tarantela, Kato Ahaia (or else Tigania), Gianiskari and Kalogria Beaches, the longest being 16KM away.

KALOGRIA BEACH is an experience and a MUST VISIT for every traveler! Kalogria is a 9 kilometer beach with crystal clear blue green shallow waters with golden sand. It is organized in part and offers umbrellas, showers, beach volley and water sports, like water ski, banana and windsurf. To access the beach, you must cross Strofilia Forest. Strofilia is a National Park of 22.000 acres, which is protected by the Natura Program and by the International Treaty of Ramsar. It is covered with African pine trees, and it is traversed by a lagoon and a river which end in the sea.



Kato Ahaia is the nearest town, and it is 7km away from the estate. The town is built on a hill and has got a superb view of the valley. It provides super markets, flea market, banks, post office, bars and restaurants, as well as a general shopping area with cafes and restaurants. There is also bus transit for other Peloponnese areas.


Patra is 29km away from the house. It is the largest city of the Peloponnese and the 3rd largest city in Greece, with a history of 4000 years. It is also a one of the biggest ports and commercial cities in Greece. The city is seething with life, state of the art cafes, restaurants and atmospheric bars.

There are also many sights to be discovered, like the Roman Odeon, the Castle, the Roman Amphitheatre, St Andrew Church and the Theatre of Apollon. In February, the biggest carnivalin Greece takes place. The visitors can book their costume online and participate in the parade and the events.


On the way to Patra, visit Ahaia Claus wine factory and admire barrels dating back to 1873, stamped with the names of famous visitors like Empress Sissy, Aristotal Onassis or Queen Alexandra of Great Britain. The factory produces the unique Mavrodafni wine, which you can savor or buy after your tour.


Ancient Olympia is 80km away, heading south of the Peloponnese. It is the birth place of the Olympic Games and the entire peninsula is an archeological site.


Kalavryta is a town in the mountainous part of Achaea and its is 89km away from the house. It is a scenic place which offers the visitors activities throughout the year. Kalavryta ski resorthas got 12 ski runs of all difficulties, grounds for snowboarding and extreme games. There is also an organized ski school and first aid station. Kalavryta hiking routes are also offered. From Spring to Autumn, the town can be reached by the traditional rock rail, Odontotos which passes through tunnels and hangs above mountains to reach its destination.

Spileo Lymnon, or Lymnon Caves is a 500m cave with an easy access and a big parking lot.

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