Земля в городе Эрмиони
303000.00 м2

€ 46 000 000
ПРОДАЁТСЯ земля под застройку курорта. Площадь: 303000 m2, Код. 11163, 46.000.000 €
In the land f 300.000m2 can be built 60.000m2 either in Hotel or villas.
The development will conclude the following:
Zone A: Marina
In the land of the 100.000m2, using part of the 50.000m2 that is characterized as area of
common use, will be developed a marina of 150-200 plots.
The marina is going to be used by the owners of the houses as well as by the Hotel.
Zone B: 5-star Hotel
The Hotel will cover approximately 15.000m2 and will have:
 4000m2 of areas of common use (reception, bar, restaurant, cafe, spa, conference
facilities )
 2000m2 basement areas (are not added to the coverage: kitchen, laundry, offices,
warehouse, etc)
 30 of 70m2 suites with private swimming pool
 30 of 50m2 suites with garden
 120 of 35m2 double bed rooms
 60 of 50m2 two bedroom suites
Zone C: Shopping, amusement, sports
Will cover about 2000m2 of buildings that will be in association with the Hotel
Zone D: Villas
The villas will be grouped to create small villages in the area. They will be developed along the
channel of the marina (20000m2) and up to the hill (22000m2) in ground floor and first floor
and 15000m2 basements.
The total construction of ground and first floors and will be split as follows:
 80 apartments of 50m2 (4.000m2)
 80 villas of 100m2 (8.000m2)
 60 villas of 120m2 (7.200m2)
 60 villas of 150m2 (9.000m2)
 35 villas of 200m2 (7.000m2)
 25 villas of 250m2 (6250m2)
The houses built on the hill can have basement floors as well. So the total surface of these
houses could be increased.

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