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Evia, Styra, Nimporio area, for sale plot of land 776 sq.m. Evia, Styra, Nimporio area, for sale plot of land 776 sq.m. The plot, which is within the city plan, is a three minute walk from the beach, right in the heart of the settlement and overlooks both the sea and the mountains. Located 15 minutes from Styra. Price39.000 euros

Nimborio is a seaside settlement in Southern Evia between Styra and Marmari, opposite Marathon. The access, which in recent years is now very comfortable, is made by the village of Kapsala. From Styra you do not need more than 15 minutes to find yourself in these beautiful beaches that are seen while downhill and their breathtaking view. The natural beauty of the scenery, the splendid and crystal clear waters and the "immaculate" of its cultural character make Nimborio a destination that remains unforgettable to all initiates in such "treasures". Literally on the beach there are taverns with fresh fish, cooked food and unbelievable views, while an outdoor canteen with music, loungers, coffees and many kinds of food is dominated by a piece of the beach. It is surrounded by hills, to the north there is a non-active quarry and there are chapels. Near the area are the famous Drakospita, constructions from boulders that, according to some historians, may have been a tribute to the mythical hero Hercules, the patron saint of the quarries.

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